Mr. Johnson's 6th        Grade Social                 Studies 



As you explore, you will find a description of the units to be covered this year as well as an overview of basic expectations and helpful hints for achieving success.


Students will study history and prehistory by way of the Ancient Civilizations.  Areas of study include geography of the world and the distribution of people, places and environments throughout the Eastern Hemisphere.  Students will develop an understanding of major ideas, eras, themes, developments and turning points in history throughout the East and learn about these events through a variety of perspectives. Newly learned skills will be used to demonstrate an understanding of how government works and the rights, roles and responsibilities of citizens in all societies.


It's not uncommon for sixth graders to enter middle school knowing very litle about history.  Their elementary experience covers some U.S. History which includes the colonization of the East coast of America, branches of the government, a few wars, slavery during the Civil War time period and a fairly extensive overview of Native American Society.  


This year, a major emphasis will be placed on the Eastern Hemisphere.  As we leave the West, new perspectives will open the eys of incoming sixth graders.

 A majot focus will be on the Ancient Civilizations of Mesopotamia, Egypt, China, Greece, Rome and if time allows the Islamic Caliphates and the Byzantine empire.